Perhaps you will be one of our future lawyers, or maybe you just want to find out more about the profession. Whatever the reason, Gernandt & Danielsson offers students a number of opportunities to find out more about, and experience, the life of a commercial lawyer.
Research trainee

The opportunity to acquire experience working as a lawyer whilst still a student. That's what we offer by the new positions of Research Trainee. You will work approximately one day per week with legal research and knowledge management.

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Summer trainee

Every summer, Gernandt & Danielsson employs a number of students who have the opportunity to participate in the day-to-day work of the firm for six to eight weeks. You will have the opportunity to work with experienced lawyers under the guidance of a mentor. Many summer interns have later been employed by the firm.

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The talent pool

The firm may need additional resources for large projects. If so, we call on the support of our talent pool, which comprises six to eight law students.

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Thesis internship

Every semester, Gernandt & Danielsson offers several students the opportunity to combine their degree work with an internship at the firm. This may be of interest to you if you have a keen interest in the law, high aspirations for your thesis and, at the same time, want to experience the life of a corporate lawyer. Many thesis interns have later been employed by the firm.

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Thesis scholarship

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Gernandt & Danielsson's student contacts are Emma Eklind and Christopher Escalante. Please contact them if you have any questions about our student activities or represent a student union, network or magazine. You can contact them by e-mail on or by telephone +46 8 670 66 00.