Research trainee

The opportunity to acquire experience working as a lawyer whilst still a student. That's what we offer by the new positions of Research Trainee. You will work approximately one day per week with legal research and knowledge management.

We are looking for capable and ambitious students for our Research Trainee positions. We require that you as a minimum are studying on your third semester when applying and that you have a genuine interest in commercial law and want to acquire practical experience of working at a commercial law firm

The work you will do as a Research Trainee at the firm will depend on the work the firm is doing for clients during your traineeship. Among other things, you will be conducting legal research and will be drafting petitions and memos. You will also be carrying out various knowledge management tasks.

A tailor-made position
The period of employment is usually one semester. Before you start we decide together in which practice areas you will be working. You will be allocated a mentor who will assist you and ensure that you always have interesting work to do. As a Research Trainee, you will olso have the opportunity to participate in the firm's training programme and social activities.

Are you eligible to apply?
We require that you have completed at least three semesters of law studies when the traineeship starts. Other than that, there are no formal requirements – the quality of your application determines whether you are accepted as a summer intern. We have no specific application periods but receive applications and make selection continuously.