Thesis internship

Every semester, Gernandt & Danielsson offers several students the opportunity to combine their degree work with an internship at the firm. This may be of interest to you if you have a keen interest in the law, high aspirations for your thesis and, at the same time, want to experience the life of a corporate lawyer. Many thesis interns have later been employed by the firm.

Involvement in genuine legal work
The aim of the thesis internship is to give you the opportunity to acquire practical experience of working at a commercial law firm whilst you are studying for your degree. Since we want your experience to be genuine, the work you do at the firm will depend on the work the firm is doing for clients during your internship. Your work may include, for example, conducting legal research, drafting pleadings and producing draft contracts. You may also get the opportunity to deal with the courts and other public authorities. You will always work closely with our lawyers and receive regular feedback. You will also have the opportunity to participate in the various training courses offered by the firm and other internal arrangements. The internship usually lasts around 8-10 weeks, followed by a period in which you write your thesis, but other arrangements can be discussed.

Your thesis
As a thesis intern, one of the firm's lawyers will act as your supervisor and you yourself will establish contact with a thesis supervisor in accordance with the rules of the university. The subject of your thesis does not need to be clearly defined before you start the internship. The most important thing is that you write about a subject that interests you, but naturally you are welcome to discuss this with us. We can give you ideas as to which commercial law issues are of major relevance in practice or of fundamental importance, and therefore may be of interest to write about. Once the internship is over, you are welcome to continue to use your desk at the firm to finish writing your thesis. You will have full access to the firm's library, including the assistance our librarian gives our lawyers, databases and other resources for your thesis. You will, of course, also have the opportunity during this phase to participate in the firm's various training courses, etc.

Are you eligible to apply?
By no later than the time the decision is made to grant an internship, you must have met the eligibility requirements for writing a thesis that apply at the law faculty where you are studying. We do not impose any other formal requirements – the quality of your application determines whether you will be granted an internship.


Further information

Please contact our Talent Development Counsel Johanna Lindholm, e-mail or phone +46 8 670 64 60 or our Talent and Marketing Manager Anna Hagander, e-mail or phone +46 670 66 03.