Thesis scholarship

The next scholarship which will be awarded relates to the 2018 fall semester.

Your application must be submitted no later than 15 June 2018.

Every semester since 2000, Gernandt & Danielsson has awarded a thesis scholarship of SEK 40,000 in cooperation with the law faculty at Stockholm University. The scholarship may be of interest to you if who want to write a 30 point thesis on a commercial law issue and, at the same time, gain insight into the life of a commercial law firm. Many scholarship holders have later been employed by the firm, among them Helén Landenberg and Philip Rämsell in the image opposite.

Involvement in the day-to-day life of the firm
The award of a scholarship is not an internship. Rather, the idea is that, as a scholarship holder, you will be able to focus effectively on your thesis. You will write your thesis independently and in contact with your supervisor at the university. As a scholarship holder, you will be part of the firm. Our office will be your place of work and you will have full access to the firm’s library, including the assistance our librarian gives our lawyers, databases and other resources for your thesis. You can participate in internal training courses and internal arrangements along with the other lawyers at the firm and will get to know many of them during your time here.

Are you eligible to apply?
You can apply for the scholarship if you are studying law at Stockholm University and are intending to write a thesis during the following semester. You can choose to write about a subject within a number of different legal areas, such as contract law, company law, property law, procedural law, tort law, administrative law, EU law, etc. The most important thing is that there is a connection with commercial law and that the subject relates to issues which are of major relevance in practice or of fundamental importance. When you make your application, you must have chosen a specialised subject for your thesis. By no later than the time the decision is made to award the scholarship, you must have met the eligibility requirements for writing a thesis that apply at the law faculty where you are studying. You should have very good grades in your law studies and be interested in working at a commercial law firm.

How applications are assessed
Your application will be considered by a scholarship committee comprising Jur. dr. Jessica Östberg as well as the lawyers Anders Lundin, Manfred Löfvenhaft and Johanna Lindholm (the three later members of the committee work at Gernandt & Danielsson).

The scholarship amount
The scholarship amount is SEK 40,000. The scholarship is not dependent on the grade you achieve in your thesis. But the intention is that you will complete your thesis during your time at the firm.


Further information

Please contact our Talent Development Counsel Johanna Lindholm, e-mail or phone +46 734 15 24 60 or Jessica Östberg, e-mail or phone +46 702 11 11 29.