Work as a lawyer

Working at a commercial law firm is demanding – not least at Gernandt & Danielsson. But it's also exciting and extremely challenging. You will have the opportunity to work with exciting clients and do high-level work in an international environment, together with some of the most highly respected and experienced commercial lawyers in Sweden.
The work

At Gernandt & Danielsson, we value knowledge, attention to detail and a challenging mind highly. We call this a quality culture.

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A career at Gernandt & Danielsson largely depends on what you make of it. You will have the opportunity both to choose your specialization and find your own profile. You'll have lots to do and an early opportunity to work closely with senior and more experienced colleagues.

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Skills development

During your first years as an associate, you will learn the work of a commercial lawyer. At Gernandt & Danielsson, you will have a lot to do from day one. You will be directly allocated to a team consisting of partners and other more experienced lawyers. This will enable you to learn more quickly at our firm than at many others, and you will gradually grow into your role as a lawyer and adviser.

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