A career at Gernandt & Danielsson largely depends on what you make of it. You will have the opportunity both to choose your specialization and find your own profile. You'll have lots to do and an early opportunity to work closely with senior and more experienced colleagues.

We believe in meritocracy. It doesn't matter where you come from, what your name is or whether you're a man or a woman. It's what you know, what you do and how skilled you are at assisting clients and colleagues to get results that determine your progress.

At the same time, you will follow a career path. As a new recruit at Gernandt & Danielsson, you will start your career as an associate. After three years you may be admitted to the Swedish Bar Association and as an Advokat and some year thereafter you may be promoted to Senior Associate. Some senior lawyers are promoted to counsel, which may, for example, mean a senior specialist role. Many lawyers aim to become a partner at the firm.

Having worked at Gernandt & Danielsson will also make you more attractive for other highly qualified jobs. We believe it's important to keep in contact with former colleagues; we do so, among other things, through our alumni network.