The work

At Gernandt & Danielsson, we value knowledge, attention to detail and a challenging mind highly. We call this a quality culture.

As an employee, you must of course perform at an individual level, but essentially the work at Gernandt & Danielsson is performed as a team. We work almost exclusively in teams specifically tailored to each matter.

You can expect high level and challenging work. We will place high demands on your analytical skills and creativity in meeting our clients' demands. You will work in an international environment, often with foreign clients and with English as the working language.

We believe in broad knowledge and experience rather than early specialisation. Therefore, new associates work in two practice areas in their first year at the firm. Which practice areas you will work in, and when a rotation should take place, are decided based on your own preferences combined with the firm's needs. It will become apparent over time which areas of commercial law you are best suited for.