Gernandt & Danielsson’s business is founded on our clients’ best interests and ensuring that they benefit from our services. We aim to be the most highly respected and sought-after commercial law adviser and employer in Sweden. The way in which we translate our values into practical action determines whether we live up to our promises to our clients and achieve our business objectives.

Our endeavours are based on five core values in everything we do, which are also our promises to you as a client. The foundation stone is to offer outstanding quality, i.e. the greatest possible value based on the clients specific needs. We also demonstrate unwavering loyalty to our clients and the matters they entrust with us. Our clients can count on our steadfast integrity – we speak frankly and take responsibility for our advice and as well as our assessments. Our dedication finds expression in our ambition level and accessibility. Last but not least, we want our clients to feel themselves included in the team spirit which characterises Gernandt & Danielsson.