3 October 2017

Gunnar Strömmer new Party Secretary of the Moderate Party

Gunnar Strömmer, lawyer at Gernandt & Danielsson, has been appointed new party secretary of the Moderate Party.

Gunnar Strömmer has been appointed as new party secretary for the Moderate Party, an assignment that he will take in mid-October. This means that Gunnar leaves Gernandt & Danielsson.

Gunnar has worked at the law firm since 2011. Prior to that he was the head of the non-profit organization, the Center for Justice, which he founded in 2002. He was the national chairman of the Youth of the Moderate Party 1998-2000.

As a lawyer at Gernandt & Danielsson, he has primarily worked with disputes and corporate investigations. He has also had a driving role in the law firm’s work on talent development and recruitment.

  • Gunnar is an excellent lawyer and highly appreciated by clients and colleagues. We think it's very sad that he leaves the law firm. But regardless of where you stand politically, it is very pleasing when competent and discerning people take on leadership roles in politics and social life. We wish Gunnar all the success in this new assignment, says Manfred Löfvenhaft, Managing Partner at Gernandt & Danielsson.