Client briefing: Sustainability indicators – New technical standards


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On January 1st 2023, the European Commission’s delegated regulation (EU) 2022/1288 of 6 April 2022, supplementing SFDR (and partly also regulation (EU) 2020/852 (”TR”)) with regard to technical standards for supervision (”RTS”), will apply. RTS supplements SFDR and specifies detailed requirements for among others financial market participants, including AIF managers and fund companies, concerning sustainability-related information that is to be disclosed by investors before entering into an agreement in relation to providing a financial product (for example a fund), on the financial market participant’s website, as well as through continuous reporting in, for example, the financial market participant’s annual reports.

In the newsletter ” Sustainability indicators – New technical standards” (Swe. “Hållbarhetsrelaterade upplysningar – Nya tekniska standarder”), partner Nils Unckel, associate Anna Kullander and regulatory trainee Anton Lindblad give an overview of the requirements that are applicable for AIF managers and fund companies, including a ”check-list” that can be used a guiding tool by managers to assure RTS compliance. Download the newsletter in Swedish here.