Commercial Contracts

Since we understand that commercial contracts are of fundamental importance to our clients’ businesses, Gernandt & Danielsson offers specialist expertise and many years’ experience advising on contracts in a broad spectrum of industry sectors.

We advise on all types of agreements, such as supply agreements, distribution agreements, agency agreements, licensing agreements, cooperation agreements, shareholders agreements, joint ventures, outsourcing agreements and confidentiality agreements. We also advise on giving notice of a breach of contract, giving notice of termination of an agreement, and renegotiating agreements, and we provide specialist expertise in connection with contractual matters, such as in the areas of intellectual property, competition/antitrust and dispute resolution.

Our extensive experience in advising on contracts means that not only do we draft the agreement but we also provide tactical advice during the contractual negotiations. Naturally, our lawyers have an excellent understanding of the commercial rationale for entering into the agreement.