Energy and Natural Resources

Business operations within power, energy and natural resources are subject to a wide range of legal regulations, from real estate law and environmental law to special legislation and license terms. The regulations have significant impact on the everyday operations, as well as in connection with acquisitions of businesses and capital market transactions.

Gernandt & Danielsson has great experience as legal advisor to various operators and investors in energy, power and natural resources, legal environmental matters are often present in the everyday operations. We have for a number of years acted as advisors in several of the largest transactions and privatisations that have taken place on the Swedish markets for power, energy and exploitation of natural resources. Moreover, we advise our clients in their everyday legal matters and in dispute resolution,

Our clients attach value to Gernandt & Danielson’s significant industrial experience and that we provide senior attention to ensure the quality and commercial soundness of our advice. Our lawyers have thorough experience with EU legislation and case law, which often form the basis of Swedish legislation concerning exploitation of energy and natural resources.