Matters regarding legal environmental liability and risks occur frequently in connection with mergers and acquisitions, real estate transactions and capital market transactions. In for example manufacturing and mining industries, and in the energy and power sector, legal environmental matters are often present in the everyday operations.

Gernandt & Danielson’s environmental law practice consists of, inter alia, investigations of environmental risks that may exist in conjunction with for example acquisitions of companies and preventing, handling and allocating such risks. In these matters, we regularly co-operate with specialist consultants who carry out environmental technical studies. Moreover, we assess whether a business has obtained sufficient environmental licenses and, together with specialist consultants, whether the terms and conditions for the license are complied with. We also handle legal issues relating to, for example, waste disposal, manufacturer liability, chemicals, and trade in emissions rights. Furthermore, we represent our clients in conjunction with contacts with governmental authorities and other general advice regarding miscellaneous environmental aspects.

Our clients attach value to Gernandt & Danielson’s significant experience from, inter alia, the power and energy sector, and that we through senior attention ensure the quality and commercial soundness of our advice. Our lawyers have thorough experience with EU legislation and case law, which often form the basis of Swedish environmental legislation.