Financial Regulation

The financial sector is subject to extensive regulations, which are often multi-layered, from EU directives and domestic legislation to regulations and general guidelines issued by supervisory authorities.

There has also been a rapid development in custom and practice and internal rules issued by financial institutions. Due to the quantity and extent of these rules and regulations, there is a substantial demand on institutions for legal expertise and administrative resources.

For many years now, Gernandt & Danielsson has been a market leader in the area of financial regulations. We have extensive experience and specialist expertise within all areas concerning regulations in the financial sector. We advise all types of clients, from the largest institutions to small companies, on matters including licence applications, restructurings, drafting internal rules, and internal regulatory compliance investigations. We also regularly advise our clients on supervision and sanction-related matters involving the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. Other matters which commonly arise on which we advise are restructurings, outsourcing arrangements, management assessments, capital adequacy, distribution issues, etc. We also advise on EU law and international matters.