Health Care

In the past decade, the healthcare sector has experienced extensive development and commercialisation. This has meant that the law has come to play an increasingly important role in, for example, public procurements of healthcare services, sales of businesses, and privatisations.

Gernandt & Danielsson offers many years’ experience and extensive expertise in the areas of specialist and primary care, diagnostics, care, corporate healthcare and ambulance healthcare. We advise, among other things, on procurements, patient safety, patient data and communications and negotiations with municipalities and county councils. We also act as adviser in M&A transactions and financing matters within the healthcare sector, and act as counsel in disputes in the area, such as public procurement challenges.

Our clients value Gernandt & Danielsson’s extensive industry experience and the senior attention we provide which ensures the quality and commercial soundness of our advice. Given our extensive, longstanding expertise in the healthcare sector, we require the shortest start-up time for new matters.