Legal Public Affairs

For many companies and organisations, there are sound commercial reasons for closely monitoring and analysing the provisions of new legislation and other regulations. This is particularly the case in sectors which are highly regulated, such as the financial, telecommunications, energy, and healthcare sectors.

Through in-depth and proactive monitoring of legal developments, companies can adapt their strategies and management to new legal conditions, thereby gaining competitive advantages. In some cases, there may be reason to seek to influence the drafting of new rules.

Gernandt & Danielsson offers strategic advice designed to assist clients to analyse and influence legal developments. Nowadays, the regulation of the business community largely takes place at EU level. We possess in-depth practical understanding of the workings of the procedures involved in passing legislation and issuing other official decisions, both at national and EU level. We have extensive experience of participating in public investigations and in various expert groups and task forces. We often draft consultation responses on behalf of clients and industry organisations. We also assist clients by arranging meetings with politicians and other decision-makers, and provide strategic advice as to how these types of issues should be handled in the public arena.