Nowadays, companies operating in both the manufacturing and services sectors are dependent on the use of their own or third party technology. The activities performed by financial institutions based on advanced computer systems are an example.

Many companies also invest considerable resources in protecting the rights to technology developed in-house and in acquiring licences to technology developed by other companies.

Gernandt & Danielsson has extensive experience in advising clients with technology-intensive businesses. We advise on all types of licensing and cooperation agreements concerning the acquisition or use of technology, as well as on the protection of rights, trade secrets and know-how. We regularly advise on issues concerning, for example, outsourcing agreements, system procurements, data security and protection of privacy. We also advise on all issues relating to the Internet and E-commerce.

We also represent clients in disputes concerning these types of agreements and rights.

Our clients often praise Gernandt & Danielsson’s extensive industry experience and commercial-mindedness in technology-related transactions and matters.