Professional development

Professional development

Our strength lies in our lawyers and their expertise. Professional development is key to both our lawyers' well-being and our ability to offer top-tier advice both tomorrow and in ten years.

Our professional development offering includes both practical training and more traditional training activities. In addition to purely legal topics, the training also covers other professional subjects such as business accounting and project management. In addition, each lawyer is encouraged to take their own initiative and influence their own development.

Our lawyers regularly lecture at Sweden's law schools and are highly requested lecturers on various legal topics for the business community.


Learning by doing

We are convinced that the greatest learning takes place through day-to-day work. We therefore work in relatively small teams, where even our young lawyers work close to the core of a matter and participate in the range of issues that arise within the specific matter. In the teams, young lawyers work closely with senior lawyers and partners – involvement known as “senior attention” – and this accelerates their development.

As a new lawyer, you are also part of our mentorship program. You are assigned two mentors – a partner and an associate – whose responsibilities include facilitating your professional training as a young lawyer. In addition to professional development, the mentorship also includes practical guidance in adapting to our work methodology and quality standards.

Another practical part of the training may include a secondment at a client or a foreign law firm. By taking secondments, our lawyers gain a greater understanding of the clients' perspectives and the legal practice in other countries. They also have the opportunity to create valuable relationships.


Traditional training activities

Learning is a life-long commitment. Our educational offerings are therefore aimed at lawyers at different levels of seniority. As a new employee, you participate in the firm's introductory training where our most experienced lawyers share knowledge within their respective fields of expertise. In addition to the introductory training, our young lawyers attend weekly training activities in relevant practice areas.

Our senior lawyers share knowledge with each other regularly, both within and between practice groups. They are also offered other training activities on subjects such as business accounting and project management to ensure that the firm's resources are used wisely.

In addition, we regularly invite external experts to further educate our lawyers on everything from legal topics to legal English.