Corporate Investigations

Corporate Investigations

Any company might find itself facing unwelcome scrutiny as a result of regulatory investigations or issues that have been brought to attention by a whistle-blower or other party. In addition, the requirements imposed  on companies to take proactive measures for compliance with regulations and ethical standards are increasing.

We have extensive experience of corporate investigations, both when the company conducts internal investigations on its own initiative and when the client is the subject of an external investigation by, for example, a public authority. We also advise companies whose employees are suspected of insider trading or other financial crime and have established good working relationships with leading Swedish defence lawyers.

When faced with questions as to whether a company or its employees have complied with current rules and norms, the company is often expected to investigate the matter internally and take action to correct any irregularities. Where applicable, the internal investigation must also be publicly reported.

We have extensive experience in internal compliance investigations under various business, labour, and criminal law regulations, as well as ethical norms in a number of different industries. Our lawyers also have state-of-the-art expertise in issues related to environmental, social and governance (ESG) and human rights, which are often brought to light during internal investigations.

In review matters, the investigation is led by our most experienced lawyers, who, if necessary, involve specialists in the area in question. Our lawyers also offer leading expertise in contentious regulatory matters and regularly advise clients who are either subject to review or are in a dispute with a public authority.

We also advise our clients on preventive work with compliance programs, where we can contribute with risk assessments, establishment of internal policies and routines, and implementation of relevant training initiatives.

Our services include:

  • White papers
  • Internal policies and routines as well as the implementation of training initiatives
  • Risk assessments and preventive compliance advice
  • Internal investigations and assistance in external investigations by authorities
  • ESG and human rights
  • Contentious regulatory matters

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