IT & Technology

IT & Technology

IT and technology play a crucial role in most companies. Within most sectors, companies spend significant resources on IT and technology issues so that they can, among other things, protect their rights to proprietary technology and procure licenses. 

We have extensive experience in representing clients in IT and technology intensive businesses and our expertise enables us to handle the complex legal and commercial issues related to IT and technology that arise for clients in most sectors, including retail, traditional manufacturing, payment services and banking and finance. We are also at the vanguard of growing areas, such as investments in FinTech companies.

Our lawyers specialise in issues related to IT and technology and have many years of experience in negotiating and writing various types of IT and technology agreements, keeping legal, strategic, and commercial issues in focus. We often assist clients who are on the user side when procuring IT systems, programs, and services. For those clients who own the copyright to an asset, our lawyers have extensive experience of assisting with licensing issues.

Our services include:

  • IT and technology-related agreements, including licenses, outsourcing, operations and support, SaaS services, development and collaboration agreements
  • Issues concerning IT and technology within business transfers
  • System procurement and purchasing projects regarding IT and technology
  • Protection of rights, trade secrets, and know-how
  • Data security
  • Protection of privacy
  • Employees’ inventions and rights
  • Disputes concerning agreements and rights

Our success factors

We have extensive experience of successfully assisting both Swedish and international clients. With a passion for our clients, we use the law as a tool to find new ways forward. Our first-class advice is based on three important building blocks.

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