Debt Capital Markets

Debt Capital Markets

The Swedish bond market has become very active and attracts both Nordic and non-Nordic issuers. Bond financing is now a commonplace and integral part of Nordic companies’ financing strategies, and this underscores the importance of good legal services. Gernandt & Danielsson has a market leading position within all segments of debt capital markets.  

Our lawyers have extensive experience in assisting clients in various types of debt capital market matters and related areas, and this is reflected by, among other things, our top rankings in the area of debt capital markets. We assist all kinds of market participants – such as issuers, financial advisors and arrangers, agents, and investors – in all types of bond matters over the life cycle of the matter.

We offer top-tier expertise in all types of bond issues, regardless of whether they are secured or unsecured, involve unlisted or listed companies, are in the form of freely transferable bonds or direct loans, or are to be combined with other loans and creditor agreements. We also assist on an ongoing basis in hybrid capital and MTN program matters. Our lawyers also have state-of-the-art expertise in the growing area of ​​green and social bonds.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we have good working relationships with stock exchanges, agents, financial institutions, and clearing institutions in Sweden as well as in the rest of the Nordic region. Our lawyers are also accustomed to coordinating projects that involve additional jurisdictions beyond Sweden, as well as those that involve bonds issued by both Swedish and foreign issuers.

Our services include:

  • Initial issues
  • Tap issues
  • Escrow solutions and collateral
  • Contact with agents
  • Contact with Euroclear and other clearing institutions
  • Written procedures, amendments, and waivers
  • Bond restructuring / mandatory securities swaps
  • Tenders, repurchases and early redemptions
  • Hybrid capital
  • Green and social bonds
  • MTN and EMTN programs
  • Direct Loans