EU & Competition

EU & Competition

Violations of competition law can pose great risks to companies in the form of extensive investigations, high fines, and claims for damages, as well as in the form of bad will. At the same time, competition law offers opportunities that can be used as an advantage in negotiations and to challenge actions that distort competition.

Our legal advisers have extensive experience in advising our clients in complex matters both nationally and at the EU level in connection with transactions, investigations, and disputes. We also advise our clients by reviewing contracts and business strategies, as well as by designing compliance programs to mitigate risks and ensure compliance with EU and competition law regulations.

Experience and industry knowledge are the keys to successfully pursuing competition law matters. Our lawyers have extensive experience as both legal counsel and from working at organisations including, among others, the Swedish Competition Authority and the European Commission. As a result, we can offer customised advice and ensure that the right issues are prioritised in relation to the specific authority.

We have extensive experience acting as a contact point in matters involving multiple jurisdictions. We also work closely with reputable law firms outside Sweden and, since we are independent of formal alliances, we can recommend the foreign expertise that best suits the client’s specific needs.

Our services include:

  • Company acquisitions - analysis of the notification requirements and risks for the completion of transactions, acquisition notifications, and contacts with competition authorities
  • Cartels and abuse of a dominant position – assistance in investigations and complaints to competition authorities
  • Dawn raids and investigations by competition authorities
  • Court disputes and arbitration proceedings, including competition law damages disputes
  • Compliance programs and training
  • Internal investigation
  • Free movement and other general EU law
  • State aid and regulatory issues

Our success factors

We have extensive experience of successfully assisting both Swedish and international clients. With a passion for our clients, we use the law as a tool to find new ways forward. Our first-class advice is based on three important building blocks.

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